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My name is Janine-Vera creator and founder of Vera's Radiance. I am a Certified Medical Esthetician specializing in skin care practices that yield healthy skin, effective, sustainable results.

Vera's Radiance

strives to encourage both men and women

to love themselves as they are. Our goal is to take a preventative approach to skin care by educating each individual about their skin type; how to implement active ingredients into a consistent home care regimen, and the importance of coming in for regular treatments.

There is no cookie cutter approach to skin care.

Each person is difference and also faces difference challenges, relative to their skin. At Vera's Radiance we use cosmeceutical grade products to ensure the quality treatments. All products are cleared by FDA/Health Canada. Our products are also available to clients to use as part of their daily home care maintenance.

Vera's Radiance is a brand that encourages you to rediscover your confidence and love yourself as you are. Your skin has a memory so treat it well today so it looks good in the future. 

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Brampton, ON

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