Brightening Body Butter

Brightening Body Butter

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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: This unique body butter blend contains ingredients your body's skin will love. This mix of unrefined raw Shea butter from Ghana, and essential oils including orange and lemon, grape seed and olive oil will have your skin feeling nourished, moisturized, brightened and as smooth as ever! Keep stored in a cool dry place

Benefits of Shea Butter:
Contains anti oxidants to product the skin including, Vitamin A, E and F
Has a natural SPF of approximately 6
Contains anti inflammatory properties which is great for skin sensitivities 
Naturally nourishing and moisturizing 
Non comedogenic (will not clog pores!)
Benefits of Grape Seed/Olive Oil: This acts as a natural moisturizer to help balance the skin water and oil levels, great for sensitive

Shea Butter * Lemon Oil * Orange Oil * Grapeseed Oil * Olive Oil